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6432: Ciguatera toxic poison in Snapper (fwd)

From: "J. David Lyall" <david@lyalls.net>

:->ADDITIONAL WARNING On Snapper and Ciguatera toxic poison.
:->I got the poison from dressing a red snapper, when one of the spines
:->pierced my finger.  It took six hours in the emergency room to
figure out
:->what was happening. 

A friend of mine in Okap got a fish bone wound which he did not
treat adequately. That hand is now permanently crippled.
I do not know if the toxin contributed to this problem, I had not
considered it before, but it is entirely possible.

The local old time fishermen say that boiling the bones and
drinking that broth is a treatment. Someone reported this
on the list earlier. Whether this folk medicine works is
unknown, but as there is no other treatment it may be
worth remembering.

J David Lyall
   or, Jedidiah Daudi in full ki-swahili
***** david AT lyalls.net *****