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6570: Where there is no doctor --in Creole

From: thandtw@bellsouth.net 

You can order a copy from David Werner at the Hesperian Foundation by
calling them at 510-845-4507. Just tell them you need it in Kreyol.  I
would like to caution you in how you decide to use it.  One group treated
a child for  a fungal infection with a topical antimicrobial.  When the
symtoms appeared to go away, the childs mother decided to save the
remaining ointment for another (future) infection.  As a result, the
fungus returned and was resistant to the original therapy.  If you decide
to leave the Werner text in a community, be sure to provide some training
and empowerment to local leaders.  We like to teach each chapter in a
roundtable group when we have chosen to bring med supplies along with the

Oh yes, you can also get copies at La Presse on H. Truman Blvd. .  You
might also make use of Daniel Fountain's "Annou Bati Lavi Nou" , also at
La Presse.  It's has a Christian background but contains much useful
information for anyone hoping promote economic and community development.
It can be found at MAP International in the U.S..

MAP International
P.O. Box 50
Brunswick GA

MAP also markets med packages of several designs at very low costs to
ec/com-dev. groups.  They can custom pack for shipping and provide a
materials list for help in customs.  We've used Bryant Freeman's wonderful
resources to help with the packing list in Kreyol.  Again, if you plan on
taking medical supplies into any community, purpose to provide compleate
education as to their use.  We have heard of well meaning local leaders
using (piki's) syringes for visual maladies resulting in total blindness.
Well meaning folk can often be very irresponsible with the best of
intentions.  Listen to local leaders with both ears before deciding what
to bring.  Work with national leaders on any project of education and
empowerment and you will be more likely to bring sustainable change in the
community.  Much care is necessary when cultures collide.

greg stritch