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6702: re- Ton Ton Macoutes (fwd)

From: jbc@lycos.co.uk

I'm new to the list so forgive me if this sounds naive. Recently David Young posted a message mentioning the 'zenglendos' and the 'macoutes'.  Who are the
zenglendos, what is bad about them and is David saying that the Macoutes were
beneficial at the outset only turning bad somewhere near the end? Has anyone
written a study of them?

Also, I understand Aristide is, or was a priest. Does that mean he
acknowledges the authority of a church, and / or church leadership? If so
which one? Is there any indication that his agenda for Haiti may not
entirely be his own?

Clearly, there are some involved arguments and issues here which I'd like to
understand so if anyone could give me some advice on these questions, either
through the list or off line via my eamil address I'd be very greatful.

Many thanks,

Joe Claxton