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6777: Valentines fete in PAP Feb 10-Bushey (fwd)

From: LBushey <lbushey@globelsud.net>

     It's almost February and that turns my mind to chocolate, hearts and 
     roses. Plus my annual Sweets Open House. Every year I host a ti fete 
     for friends to come and sample my treats. Last year I invited 
     Corbetters and was thrilled so many came.
     So...if you are around on Sunday Feb. 10th 1-5pm and can stop over for 
     some goodies, you are welcome to join us! My apt is on upper Delmas, 
     Petionville and if you can carpool, that's even better since parking 
     here is horrid. Please write to me off the list if you'd like 
     directions or more details.
     Happy Valentines Day! 
     Lauri Bushey
     or LauriB@maf.org