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6771: The GOH's Finances unde Jean-Claude Duvalier (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

A most extraordinary report came to my attention recently.

It is entitled: "Rapport sur les Finances de Jean-Claude Duvalier et


It was compiled by François St Fleur, Minister of Justice

in 1987. It is made up of a number of attestations by key individuals

such as François St Fleur, Leslie Delatour, Onill Millet, Eddy Avin, etc.

which document the kleptocratic nature of JC Duvalier's government.

It is published (Report no. 26) by the Institute of Haitian Studies of the

University of Kansas as part of its Occasional Papers Series edited by

Professor Bryant Freeman.

It can be ordered from:

Mount Oread Bookshop
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas 66045
(785) 864-4431

Report No. 24 of the Occasional Papers Series is entitled: "La Situation

Politique et Sociale en Haïti (Août 1963.)" It was prepared by the

Commission Internationale de Juristes. It documents human rights violations

in Haïti under F. Duvalier.