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From: KEVIN PINA <kevinpina@usa.net>

The best deal and service I have found for transfering funds to Haiti is
FONKOZE. For a mere $10.00 fee you can tranfer any amount of funds you wish
toanyone with an account at the bank. If the person you wish to wire funds
todoes not have an existing account, FONKOZE will help locate that person
andassist them in establishing one for the purpose of the transaction. 

FONKOZE has sixteen branches throughout Haiti and I use them regularly to
transact business between the US, Canada and Haiti. It has thus far worked
flawlessly and they are always friendly and helpful. You can also feel
goodabout the fact that the transfer fee helps an emerging bank that is
devoted to economic development among Haiti's poor. For more information you
can callthem toll-free at 1-800-293-0308.

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