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7011: Re: 6903: Necklacing and Aristide (Re: 6880) (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     RE: 6903
       Yes, Andrea, that was a positively false accusation! I was present at    
    that famous speech when Aristide returned from the USA. The speech was taped 
    and cut and spliced to make it appear that Aristide condoned...even         
    encouraged necklacing; such *was not* the case. Aristide said that he      
    understood peoples' desire to necklace, but he emphasized that it was        
    positively immoral. He said words to this effect: "I understand your desire 
    to smell their burning flesh; but that is not the way of Jesus. We will win 
    without violence; we will overcome". The anti-Aristide people spliced the 
    tape to make it come out this way: I desire to smell their burning flesh. We 
    will win with violence; we will overcome! 
       See how easy it was; just remove "understand" and "your"; eliminate the 
    part about it not being the way of Jesus, and change the word "without" to 
    "with". It was easy for them. They could do the same with any of your 
    recorded words. 
       Don't forget that the same anti-Aristide people spread the word that he 
    was a patient in a mental hospital in Canada...even giving the name; but 
    there was no such hospital in Canada. Likewise, they gave the name of his 
    supposed psychiatrist, but no such psychiatrist existed! That was proven!
       Take a suggestion from maxetluc: "Don't believe everything you read!"
                  Fr. Michael  (archim)  _____________________________