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7058: RE: 7043: Response to B?b? Pierre Louis (fwd)

From: "Bourget, Frantz" <Frantz.Bourget@BellSouth.COM>

Mr. Bebe may be my remark was misunderstood I am simply looking at Haiti as
a whole "the big picture".  I do agree with you that all Haitians need to be
part of this "demokrasy" without a doubt.  Thus, let's find our commonalties
in order to work out our differences.  As you know, Vodou is in all Haitians
regardless what they choose to believe or deny. There is someone in the
family somewhere is making sure that the lamps are lit, the waters are
poured and the lwas are fed.  My point is let's not create anymore division
amongst us and let's work together for the betterment of Ayiti and all its

Mesi avek tout respe