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7144: Pina comments on Governor's Island Accord (fwd)

From: KEVIN PINA <kevinpina@usa.net>


    Aristide in his fury over not receiving his three years lost abroad, 
    reneged on all the deals made in exchange for his return to    Haiti ....

    after his return he betrayed Clinton because he wanted the three 
    years he lost while in exile,  


Richard, there might be other motives for Aristide's reneging on those deals. 

What is the evidence for the motive you ascribe to him?

Pina's response:

Firstly, it was not Aristide who pushed for resuming the three years he lost
in exile.  The impetus for the campaign came from the base of supporters who
elected him in 1990. 

Secondly, it is a convolution of history to claim that Aristide reneged on the
Governor's Island Accord. The primary justification for the US intervention
was that Cedras and the military had reneged on the terms of the accord
forcing the Clinton administration to resort to "extreme measures." How can
the first party (Aristide's administration) be held accountable to an
agreement wherein the second party (the military dictatorship of Cedras) has
clearly broached and broken said agreement?  

Finally, a case can be made that the Aristide administration's agreement to
the terms of the Governor's Island accord were made under extreme duress. The
killing of innocents in Haiti, by the miltary dictatorship of Cedras, had
escalated considerably. The choice appeared to be between accepting terms that
would otherwise be deemed unacceptable under normal circumstances or to allow
the killing to continue unabated. Not much of a choice if you ask me.

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