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7275: Two new Haitian content books --Coming Soon. (fwd)

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

[Aren't these list members?] Heads up. 
This book will be available late Spring 2001.

When the Hands Are Many: Community Organization and Social Change 
in Rural Haiti, Jennie M. Smith. Cornell Press.

Challenging standard approaches to understanding the poor and disempowered,
Smith explains how the Haitian state and certain foreign powers have sought
to develop rural Haiti and relates how Haitian peasants have responded to
such efforts through words and deeds. She tells the stories of peasant
organizations engaged in agricultural work parties, business meetings,
religious ceremonies, social service projects, song sessions, and other
activities, including the songs called chante pwen. which serve as "melodic
machetes," a tool with which the peasants make their voices heard in many
social circumstances.


or http://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu


Fall 2001--sometime--publication date to be set--we have this book to look
forward to. 

Walking on Fire: Survival and Resistance among Haitian Women.
Beverly Bell. Cornell Press. 

Presenting thirty-eight oral histories from a diverse group of women living
in Haiti, interspersed with her own commentary, this book includes women's
interviews of a former prime minister, an illiterate poet, the country's
leading feminist theologian, and a voodoo dancer.  

Together they tell the story of how the country's poro and dispossessed
have--despite all odds--staked out their personal and collective survival.
They recount, in the process, how their acts have changed the balance of
political in Haiti.

For more info: Andrea Fleck Clardy, afc4@cornell.edu
Special Projects Manager, Cornell University Press
Sage House, 512 East State Street, Ithaca, NY 14850
voice: 607/277-2338, ext. 230