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7298: [HHA] HHA Meeting Monday! (note time and place) (fwd)

From: Emilio J Travieso <travieso@fas.harvard.edu>

The Harvard Haitian Alliance is proud to announce a talk entitled:

"Bi-lingual.  Bi-cultural.  By themselves:
The Case of Haitians in the Dominican Republic"

by Nancy Dorsinville
Anthropologist and PhD candidate at the Harvard School of Public Health

*** MONDAY 3/12, at 7:30, ADAMS UPPER COMMON ROOM *** (Cambridge, MA)

Dorsinville works with conflict resolution, women's rights, and public
health education among Haitian sugar-cane workers living in the bateyes,
in slave-like conditions.

Come hear more about her work!

Also, please bring one or two (or a few) basic first-aid medical supplies
(e.g. aspirin, Tylenol, band-aids, bandages, children's vitamins, etc.)
which will be collected and taken directly to a severely         
under-resourced hospital in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti, by Harvard students
over Spring Break.

questions or for more information: travieso@fas.harvard.edu