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From: C&C Henrius <haiti@ixks.com>

>From: "Bourget, Frantz" <Frantz.Bourget@BellSouth.COM>
...The ceremony was really  "bo kay Imam" near the Imam's place who
>was Makhendal the original Imam who refused to be a slave and started
>poisoning the water wells.  Bookman refers to the man of book. A book he
use to always carry ......

Does anybody really know the details of this story?  Is it a folk tale?  How
do we know the facts and what is true and what is not?  I have always
thought it was "Bwa Kayiman" -- alligator woods...  And how could the hero
in this story be called "book"man, refering to a book?  Where did the
english come from?  Wouldn't that word have to have been in french or an
african language at that time?  I am curious if there is an account of this
story that is generally more accepted as close to historical fact by
scholars than the rest...

Thank you,

C. Henrius

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