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7312: Re: 7291 & responses (fwd)

From: Marina <marinawus@yahoo.com>


It would be appreciated if people could explain Mrs.
Lauture “old family with strong Christian and
charitable traditions” background stated in post No.
7265 and the expression used ‘Liste des 200 familles’
(used in post 7276). What do these expression mean? I
am not sure I quite understand?

How do they relate to the expression of ‘Morally
Repugnant Elite”? Is this the group that Mrs. Lauture
belongs to?

I am neither a historian nor a scholar but I would
like to understand the context of this discussion more

Why is it that when a Haitian wants to give a CV or
elaborate on qualifications, this is where he/she
starts? What does it have to do with the topic being

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