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7326: Free Web Space for Haiti Research (fwd)

From: Marcel Wah <webmaster@diasporaworld.com>

Hello Researchers,

We are offering FREE web space for your Haiti research needs. If you 
have articles, research materials, or anything that you'd like to 
share with the general public about Haiti, we would like to offer you 
UNLIMITED space to post them.

Diaspora World Networks (http://www.diasporaworld.com) is committed 
to providing services and products relevant to Haitian communities 
and Friends of Haiti around the globe.  Please take a moment to visit 
us at the address above.

You may reach us Toll Free at 1-800-924-5662 or email 
info@diasporaworld.com for more information.  We look forward to 
hearing from you.

Marcel Wah
The Diaspora Group
P.O. Box 9041
Berkeley, CA 94709-0041
Phone 510-232-2278
Fax 510-235-1420
email: marcel@studiowah.com