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7324: anonymous in reply to: Re: 7309: ANONYMOUS, PLEASE!

Unfortunately the poverty and extremes in Haiti seem to lend themselves to
lot more of this than people would like to admit.  We have always
to churches sending money to Haiti that the only way they can really find
what is going on is to "pop call." Go unannounced and see what happens
you aren't there.  Is that school for real or only a showplace while you 
visit?  Are there really children being cared for in that orphanage you 
support? or are they street kids being fed and played with for your week
ten days? Is the medical clinic you take supplies and serve really free?
are they selling "tickets" behind your back?

We have worked in Haiti for over 30 years and there are very few games
haven't tried on us.  Some of the bad things may be the foreigners, but a
of the games are Haitians themselves.  It is some sort of sport until you
caught, then you are disgraced. Haiti is a complex place to serve, but the 
needs are real if you are working with the right people you can make a 
difference.  But remember, until they REALLY know you, you will only hear 
what they think you want to hear.