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7329:Re: 7316: Re: ANONYMOUS, PLEASE!: Gill replies and Corbett , adds : an anonymous reply

Dear Mark,

Isn't it interesting that you would take this stand?  If you knew who I was
I don't think you would.  You don't realize it but you know me and have
expressed respect and honor for me in the past.  But because this is true, I
am honestly too afraid of the people I told you of to let you know who I am.
Can you step back a minute and entertain the possibility that the sheer
shock (unbeliebability) of the truth in this situation could be the
perpetrator's best defense?  You are not the first person who has
discredited this, many of whom had plenty of evidence.  One lady hit the
nail right on the head when she said, "I know... I've seen it too, but I
don't want to believe it!  I can't!" and that was the end of it for her.
When people feel good about something (especially something that makes them
feel good about themselves), they don't like to give that up.  It's a lot
more palatable to think you have spent the last two weeks in Haiti doing
something profoundly humanitarian than to have to admit you have been a
party to exploitation and evil (for lack of a better word).  What kind of
photos would you show in church then?  So don't worry about it, you are not
alone.  A *lot* of people don't want to believe it and have turned their
backs and closed their eyes to it with enough evidence to send a U.S.
citizen to prison in his/her own country.  Unfortunately, money buys escape
from accountability in Haiti and attitudes like you've taken only maintain
that status quo.

And on the point that I failed to give convincing evidence, think about
it.... In order to give evidence I would have to either reveal my own
identity or the identity of the persons involved.  If I were to reveal one,
the other would be obvious by association. I will say that there are many
who have escaped this situation and that it is not the first time the truth
has been brought to light.  But, once again -- money, connections, high
powered attorneys and the lack of accountability in Haiti allowed it all to
be pushed under the rug and the people involved to continue unfettered.  

And now, for anyone who cares to consider the hard truth, just look at the
reaction of Mark Gill who, (although he doesn't realize it) knows me and has
expressed his admiration for me in the past.  This is not an easy thing to
know -- I understand that because it has kept me up nights for years.  But
it is true.  I have never sent an anonymous post in my life, nor letters or
articles.  But I have a life, loved ones and work, and that is a lot to lose
so I will say no more.  The fact that this is as real as a heart attack will
keep me silent until the day I know I can help the exploited people in the
this situation without losing everything I have worked for in my life,
perhaps even life itself.

So, I apologize for the lack of evidence.  Perhaps I shouldn't even have
gone as far as hoping some would hear this and believe. For some reason it
is easy to believe these things when dealing with government forces, but
impossible for people to grasp when it is about those who claim to be doing
good, especially Christian "humanitarians". But as I have said, this has
kept me up nights for a long time and I still hope that someday good people
will hear and join together to stop what's happening to the Haitian adults
and children involved.  Until then, I HAVE to remain anonymous and I won't
give you evidence because it is too revealing.  I simply have too much to
lose. The sad part is that, believe or don't believe, it doesn't change the
truth of what's happening to these people and has happened to them for
years.  But not believing does help it to continue, unfortunately.