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7333: Re. #7309: Anonymous, please (fwd)

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sev.org>

It seems to me that we have gone down this road to some lengths
previously, where "Missionaries" appeared to get the brunt of numerous
derogatory comments in January 1999.  On January 25,1999, I replied to
Jean Saint-Vil's comments.  (I can forward that commentary to anyone who
may be interested.)  Various members of my family, as well as friends,
have been going on short term mission trips to Haiti since 1987, helping
to construct schools, medical clinics and churches.  We aren't going
there primarily to proselytize, although we do have Bible stories/skits
and singing with the kids, but to lend a helpful hand to do those things
that they do not have the financial where withal to do on their own - we
do this in the name of the Lord and that's really all that needs to be
done and said.  This may seem like a very minuscule help, and it is, but
it is beneficial and matters with the Haitian peasantry.
Bruce Wharram