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7335: RE: 7333: Re. #7309: Anonymous, please (fwd)

From: "Steber, Maggie" <MSteber@herald.com>

in response to bruce wharram, maggie steber writes:  this kind of
help--building schools and hospitals and churches--is real and of huge help
to the Haitian people. I personally am not opposed to this. But, as every
cat is not yellow and every dog is not big, not all missionaries understand
the fragile nature of cultures nor the complexities of life in Haiti. I am
not blasting missionaries (at one point in my life, I thought of becoming
one) but I do frown on some activities of some missionaries, especially if
those activities are destructive or cause people to be enslaved. 
It's always a pity to paint a broad brush stroke about anything or any
group. I don't mean to do that and I apologize if my comments leave you with
that impression. But some missionaries paint a broad brushstroke of the
Haitian people and their destinies. And that is what I am opposed to and
resent on behalf of a great dynamic rich people and culture.