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7340: 2 Articles published on Haiti this week (fwd)

From: emcalister@mail.wesleyan.edu

  To the list:  My electronic search reveals two articles on Haiti this
week.  To find them, check with a good reference librarian.

JT Race, gender & class :  an interdisciplinary & m
DA 2000 v 7 n 4
PG 60
AU Pierce, Walter J.
AU Elisme, Erlange
TI Suffering, Surviving, Succeeding: Understanding and Working with Haitian

JT Canadian journal of earth sciences.  journal can
DA FEB 01 2001 v 38 n 2
PG 197
AU Keller, Gerta
AU Adatte, Thierry
AU Berner, Zsolt
TI Age, chemo- and biostratigraphy of Haiti spherule-rich deposits: a
   multi-event K--T scenario.