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7343: Re: 7270: RE: 7247: The Desmangles/Pierre Louis exchange: (fwd)

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

 It has been quite you have not heard of me, simply I
have been around,reading th expert in Vodoo, the
scolars,mostly  the great master of the University of
OKLAHOMA explaining his realizations; Now his students
are planning to go.
 Please, may the professor be aware, they could ride 
him like a horse depending on the mood, it could be
with saddle or without saddle. The next day he would
be surprised to see spurs'marks by his pectoral
muscles.This takes place at night.
Facts.... Some scientis and big time people, because
of their eagerness and their one track minded, they
had gone through some rituals by spending eight to ten
days in the "houngfor" become sexually involved with
the hougan to receive the secret( men and women)
 As a reward, going back to the States HIV infected.
 Haiti has the most powerful hallucinogenic with less
side effect as opposed to LSD. "CLOCHE tea" is the
name, It lasts in the blood for 8 to 10 hours.
That tea is being by many in these conditions.

  Joseph LafortuneMD CPH LHRM
  Caribbean Health & Research Studies