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7346: Re: 7263: Vodou/Scholars/Morse (fwd)

From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>

Comments&Observations/Caribbean Health & Rsearch
VODOO!!!!   Quo Vadis?

Lately "VODOO" has become the # 1 flag that anybody
wants to carry to their convenience.Haven't you done
enough to the Haitian people?
Around 1915, you have decided for the people to
renounce to their traditons, their culture, and to
please you they had to through by their windows
everything, pictures,images any religious piece of
their rogatory(chapelle ou se trouve disposees image
papa hougo, St jaques,bougie etc).In exchange the were
given all those religions they have now established
since in Haiti.During the occupation, there were a
fear the Haitian could get united and request your
departure from thethe Haitian.
To your surprise, you have found out nothing has been
thrown by the windows, on the contrary, they let
everyone be aware they want your god as their savior
and destroy their realities.False, That is the
synchretism. "They let you have what you here for, but
they do not give you what would help you"
that theory applies to us as direct representant of
the family. No one knows too much. Observation is what
we had experienced.We or no one can explain.
I know, that 's what make you upset.
You keep the Haitian apart because ther union,
spiritual would help them agreat deal.
 People are always trying to find the negation about
 The VODOO is a religion like any other religion.
 Those who practice it are very charming and hurt no
one. Understand this, justice back home is so unfair,
when you take away their land, cows etc, if they
complain, they are sent to jail or else.
 What do you expect them to do?
 They make you pay, their own way.
 There exists a leaf, 
  has the anaesthetic effect(Nembutal)     
 A gentle rub with the hands, just the smell is enough
to make you go to sleep for at least 3 hours.
To come back, they make you smell the other side of
the leaf.
 More to come


--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:
> From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com
> Vodou priests and manbos haven't always chosen their
> trade. Sometimes its 
> their duty or calling. A scholar may think its his
> or her choice to go
> study 
> vodou but it may be the choice of "Sa'n pa we yo"
> (Those we don't see). If 
> "vodou" wanted a hougan to stop being a hougan or a
> scholar to stop 
> reseaching vodou, they would probably do just that,
> stop. If vodou wants
> to 
> spread to academia or the internet or the radio or
> tv, it will do just
> that. 
> How's that for a perspective? Re-imbursement to a
> hougan or a community
> are 
> just details. How about the scholar's investment to
> spread the word. Time 
> spent doing research, plane tickets, hotel rooms,
> grant applications, 
> convincing the boss that it's a worthwhile project,
> writing books, etc.,
> etc. 
> Richard Morse 

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