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7352: Re: 7343: Re: 7270: RE: 7247: The Desmangles/Pierre Louis exchange: (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

Gee, I wish I was the kind of person that could respond to this post in
a way that it really deserves to be responded to.. But, I will settle
for clarifying a couple of points. First, I am not a professor and have
never used that title (although I teach as an adjunct and aspire to be a
professor). Indeed I am a mere graduate student...and I think if Mr. or
Dr. Lafortune had read my post with any semblance of care, he would have
picked up on that. Also he would have made note of the fact that I am a
"she" not a "he"...and have never represented myself as "great master"
of anything..hopefully though I'm a great student not only in the
academy but also in life. And as a willing student I am always eager to
learn from those who have something positive to contribute to my
enlightement ( not evidenced in the post to Richard or this one making
reference to me).

Bob Corbett wrote:

> From: joseph lafortune <ctec4234@yahoo.com>
>  It has been quite you have not heard of me, simply I
> have been around,reading th expert in Vodoo, the
> scolars,mostly  the great master of the University of
> OKLAHOMA explaining his realizations; Now his students
> are planning to go.
>  Please, may the professor be aware, they could ride
> him like a horse depending on the mood, it could be
> with saddle or without saddle. The next day he would
> be surprised to see spurs'marks by his pectoral
> muscles.This takes place at night.
> Facts.... Some scientis and big time people, because
> of their eagerness and their one track minded, they
> had gone through some rituals by spending eight to ten
> days in the "houngfor" become sexually involved with
> the hougan to receive the secret( men and women)
>  As a reward, going back to the States HIV infected.
>  Haiti has the most powerful hallucinogenic with less
> side effect as opposed to LSD. "CLOCHE tea" is the
> name, It lasts in the blood for 8 to 10 hours.
> That tea is being by many in these conditions.
>   Joseph LafortuneMD CPH LHRM
>   Caribbean Health & Research Studies