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7384: Beautiful Photographs of Haiti (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

I have recently published some impressive photographs of Haiti and Haitians
on Windows on Haiti.  In fact, I currently count 10 Corbett list members among
those who sent me their photographs for publication.  They are:

  1) Amber Munger (shots from Haiti and from Haitians in the D.R.)
  2) Ingegerd Petersen (varied shots of the Haitian environment)
  3) Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon (extremely nice B/W shots of Haitian kids, mostly)
  4) Leah Gordon (arresting B/W shots of Carnival in Jacmel and other scenes)
  5) Marianne Pierre-Louis (Port-Salut)
  6) Steven White (a beautiful picture of the oft-discussed Haitian djondjon)
  7) Tequila Minsky (Fondwa / Haitian women / Furcy-Seguin, and others)
  8) Dave Fonda (Fondwa)
  9) Tom Driver (Fondwa: Reflections and Photos)
10) Jacqui Labrom (gorgeous touristic shots.  My favorite is two of Bassin Bleu.)

And in addition, I have 48 shots of Port-à-Piment du Sud and also in the
PHOTOS section, you will find the retelling of their (separate) walks to
Séguin by Patrick Slavin and Tequila Minsky.  If Richard Morse wants to
send me his, I could add it up to the mix.  For now, you might want to judge
which story is more compelling: the experience of two men or that of two
women taking that now famous walk from Furcy to Seguin.

All of the above can be seen at http://windowsonhaiti.com/foto.html

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti