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7377: RE: 7368: Help wanted (fwd)

From: Pascal Antoine <PascalA@freshcom.com>

Ooh! I know the answer to this one. I went to Kanaval 2001 this year (my
first time ever) and the Black Parents song was one of my (and the crowd's)
favorites. It's actually called "Farinen" which literally means drizzle or
light rain. It can also be used to describe something that has barely begun
or isn't yet in full swing.

In the Black Parents song, however, it is a reference to a Haitian dance of
the same name, popular among young people, which is quickly replacing
another recent dance craze called 'Laloz.' The dance is similar to 'The
Bogle', a recently popular Reggae music dance. The song is great, very
danceable and very catchy. Portions of it almost sound like something The
Beachboy's would have done if they were Haitian!

To those interested in hearing a sample of that song, you can go to my new
upcoming website, HaitiXchange (http://www.haitixchange.com) and click on
'Music from Kanaval 2001'

Hope this helps.

Pascal Antoine