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7396: Letter to President Aristide from the Allaiance for Justice for Jean Dominique (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>


March 12, 2001

Dear President Aristide,

We the undersigned hereby offer your administration our full support in
bringing to justice those responsible for the assassination of radio
journalist and human rights activist Jean Dominique on April 3, 2000.

We are an international movement dedicated to the identification and
incarceration of the parties responsible for Jean Dominique’s death.  We
are committed to witnessing substantial progress within the Haitian
judicial system within 90 days of the 1st anniversary of Mr. Dominique’s
tragic killing, by July 3 of this year.

We are networking with other concerned members of the international arts
and media community, building public awareness of the progress of the
investigation via the international and Haitian media.

The Alliance for Justice website (www.justiceforjean.com) will soon be
up and running.

We believe our efforts can serve as a valuable tool for your
administration’s use in applying the necessary pressure wherever needed
to achieve the successful end of the controversy surrounding Jean
Dominique’s appalling murder.  We will be issuing periodic updates
concerning the ongoing investigation to all outlets, as well as
information about the growth of the Alliance’s membership.

We believe that the positive solution of Jean Dominique’s killing will
advance the possibility of bringing to justice those responsible for the
assassinations of Guy Malary, Antoine Izmery, Father Jean-Marie Vincent,
and Amos Jeannot to name but a few of the grievously unsolved slayings
that continue to blight the prospects of legitimate civil society taking
root in Haiti.

We believe it is impossible to separate the vital need for justice in
these and other murders from the possibility of a truly functioning
democracy in Haiti.

Respectfully yours,

International Alliance for Justice for Jean Dominique

Katherine Dunham Danny Glover Taylor Branch

Wyclef Jean Jonathan Demme Woody Allen

David E. Kelley Robert Altman Paul Thomas Anderson

Guy Antoine Lauren Bacall Ted Bafaloukos (Greece)

John Bailey Bob Balaban Bruno Barreto (Brazil)

Ed Begley, Jr. Patricia Benoit David Blaine

John Boorman (Ireland) Anthony Calypso Mishka Cheyko (France)

Ethan Coen Joel Coen Roger Corman

Jonathan Cott Ophelia Dahl Edwidge Danticat

Ossie Davis Robert De Niro Ruby Dee

David Dinkins Tashi Dolma (Tibet) Robert Downey, Sr.

Joel Dreyfuss Nora Ephron Paul Farmer

Jacqueline Fils-Aimé Jean-Paul Fils-Aimé Gil Friesen

Peter Gabriel (UK) Lizi Gelber (France) Amos Gitai (Israel)

Brian Grazer Thomas Harris Beth Henley

Bonnie Hlinomaz Amy Irving Sakina Jaffrey

Jean Jean-Pierre  Margo Jefferson Spike Jonze

Anna Karina (France) Stephen King Pradip Krishen (India)

Christine Lahti Darrell Larson Norman Lear

Spike Lee Patrick Lemoine Catherine Leterrier (France)

Carol Littleton Sidney Lumet Norman Mailer

Michael Mann James McBride Errol McDonald

Mike Medavoy Jo Menell Toni Morrison

Paul Newman Thandie Newton (UK) Ol Parker (UK)

Gregory Peck Arthur Penn Anna Hamilton Phelan

Harold Pinter (UK) Sidney Poitier Natasha Richardson

Tim Robbins Julia Roberts  Randall Robinson

Arundhati Roy (India) Peter Saraf Susan Sarandon

Ed Saxon Paul Schrader Martin Scorsese

Bob Shacochis Jim Sheridan (Ireland) Mary Steenburgen

Peter Stone Susanna Styron William Styron

Barbara Sukowa Robert Farris Thompson Jean-Yves Urfié (Italy)

Steven Van Zandt Edie Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Denzel Washington Amy Wilentz Robin Williams

Daniel Wolff Alfre Woodard Jorge Aguirre

Glenn Allen Travis Anderson Neda Armian

George Armitage Adrienne Armstrong Judy Arthur

Eugenie Bafaloukos (Greece)  Hercules Bellville (UK) Robert Bookman

Ron Bozman Adam Brooks Kathleen Carroll

Father Robert Castle Marc Cohen Leslee Dart

Ted Demme Sister Carole East Tony Fitzpatrick

Joyce George Gary Goetzman David Greenberger

Lynn Grossman Hans Hageman Ivan Hageman

Gina Jarrin Andy Keir Wendy Keys

Polly King Alexa Kleinbard Beth Kling

Lewis Kornhauser  Michael Kuhling Vincent Landay

Paul Lazar John Lesher Skip Lievsay

Jocelyne Mayas Craig McKay Teresa Mulha

John Paul Newport Rick Nicita Annie-B Parson

Gene Parseghian Suzana Peric Johnny Planco

Lucas Platt Marc Platt Rachel Portman (UK)

Chip Post Ken Regan Emmanuel Rigaut (France)

Jim Roche Rob Schmidt Steve Schmidt

Leon Sevilla Stella Sevilla Howard Shore

Ken Starr Rose Styron Mary Tanneberger

Valerie Thomas Mary Tobler Pauletta Washington

Joe Weisbord Kristi Zea

(signees as of March 12, 2001)

Prime Minister of the Republic of Haiti,  S.E Jean Marie Chérestal
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Republic of Haiti,
S.E Joseph Philippe Antonio
Minister for Justice and Public Safety of the Republic of Haiti, Mr.
Gary Lissade
President of The United States of America, The Honorable Mr. George W.
Secretary of State of The United States of America, The Honorable Colin
L. Powell
US Ambassador to Haiti, Mr. Brian Dean Curran
Prime Minister of France, Mr. Lionel Jospin
Foreign Minister of France, Mr. Hubert Vedrine
French Ambassador to Haiti, S.E Yves Gaudel
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, The Rt Hon. Tony Blair
Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,
The Rt Hon. Robin Cook
UK Ambassador to Haiti, Mr. D.G. Ward
Secretary-General, United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan
Executive Director of Amnesty International, Mr. Bill Schulz
Chairman of Human Rights Watch, Mr. Jonathan Fanton
Secretary General of Reporters Sans Frontiers, Mr. Robert Menard
Editor in Chief of Index on Censorship (UK), Ms. Ursula Owen
Assistant Director General of UNESCO Programme for Freedom of
Expression, Democracy and Peace, Mr. Alain Modoux
Executive Director of National Coalition for Haitian Rights, Mr. Jocelyn
Executive Director of The Committee to Protect Journalists, Ms. Ann
PEN American Center
Michael Tyger Esq.
Ramsey Clark Esq.