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7403: Re: 7379: Re: 7356 Haitian garden struggles to thrive (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

Among the most recently identified worldwide celebrities who have fallen in 
love with my Pearl of a country [or a chunk of its heritage], we can also 
mention: Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, Danny Glover, and Johnny Cochran 
(just to name these few other than Hudson Rock with the AIDS connection with 

Catherine Dunham's love and interest in Haiti are known by almost everyone 
and can be evidenced in the many books one can find in the librairies.  In 
1994, a Floridian newspaper, the Sun-Sentinel, published an intersting 
article about Dunham's efforts to help preserve a part of Haiti's flora.  
That article had indeed confirmed this well-known fact of all Haiti:  
Catherine possesses a good piece of land around the neighborhood of what is 
used to be called Habitation Leclerc (in Martissant, PAP). I vaguely 
recollect also that she was granted the Haitian citizenship on an honorary 
fashion, but I am not sure I have the factual evidence of this.

Julia Roberts' interest and great care for the needy children of the world 
and esp. those of Haiti was narrated two to three weeks ago in one of the 
A&E series of Biography. But before that series I was told by one of my 
colleague, a former USAID employee in Haiti, that Julia is a frequent flyer 
visiting Haiti, sometimes unannounced...

I am sure that several list members will mention a lot more than this and 
about several more personalities who are fond of Haiti.

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