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7433: Re: Zombi powder (fwd)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

Jim wrote:
> Much has been made of the fact that the zombie powder brought back by
> wasn't strong enough to work but, so what?  The best evidence for
> actually comes from Japan where the puffer fish is served in some
> restaurants to  adventurous gormets.  Some have died but a few have been
> zombified.  One woman was taken to the morgue, woke up in the middle of
> night and went home

*****there is, and has been, a body of evidence available, some of it from
Japan, which attests to the temporary paralyzation that occurs when one has
absorbed the deadly poison that comes from the liver, intestines of the

if one has a fishing business on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, where i am
from, one learns all about the puffer, as it is commonly caught when fishing
for grouper, snapper, etc.....one learns about the effects of the
fish.....the University of Florida produced many pamphlets about this "fish"
and they go back, as i recall, to the l940's, at least in terms of
publication dates.....

i recall reading many accounts of those who had accidentially come in
contact with the poison, and altho their mind was "intact", the rest of the
their body was paralyzed, sometimes for two or three days..........of
course, some died and they did not have much to say.......

mark gill