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7447: Re: 7443: Just returned from Haiti (fwd)

From: michael.o.leslie@gm.com

Ms Beverly Najt, I guess I'll have to take your comments with a huge, huge grain
of salt. Aristide sold his estate - I haven't followed the news on the
importance of Aristide's property. Does Aristide really own it or does it belong
to someone else-why should I care if he sells it?
Dirty planes? Rude crew? Again, I don't know what to say. I saw the dirty planes
and a very dirty airport when I was in Haiti last year - I didn't like it but it
didn't flip me out. Why are you shocked by being treated nice by a Haitian
flight attendant?
Here's a tip: competence or rudeness can come from Germans,  African Americans,
Poles, Jews, Arabs, Irish or Haitians. It's got nothing to do with nationality,
origins or race Ms. Naji. I was in Germany in 1992 and was held up by a racist
German immigration cop. That doesn't mean all German cops are racist, it means I
unfortunately had an encounter with one of the bad ones.
And on this thing about being embarrassed for Haitians, hmmmmm. Lets see...I'm
an African American male. When I see a criminal, a thug, a gangster rapper, a
pimp or buffoon who just happens to be an African American male I don't get
embarrassed. I try to realize that some Black men are bad, most of us are
decent, hardworking folk. I'm sure its the same with Haitians, so don't be
embarrassed Ms.Najt.
Michael Leslie