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7451: Re: 7443: Just returned from Haiti (fwd)

From: Marina <marinawus@yahoo.com>

Just curious,

A- You wrote the following (Please Bob permit me to
break a rule in that I want to use the exact words
used in that post):
"For instance, a very reliable source told me that 
Aristide sold his estate atTabarre to the government
for 4,000,000USD.  In the space of several days, the
reported amount had risen to $7 million and then I
heard today in NY that it was $13million!!! Of course
that's not really the point. Selling it is!  What
significance might that! ! have?  Certainly there
are serious implications there."

Is there a document that states that this transaction
between President Aristide and the Government of Haiti
took place or is it that you are reporting rumors and
what latest "telejol" hot issue? 

If there is such a document could please refer us to
it? If people are questioning this they should also
question the purchase of the $1.2M house for
ex-President Rene Preval and the reported sale of
ex-president Prosper Avril's private residence to the
Haitian government at the time for $1M.

B-The following is even more interesting:  
"Actually, there are many things I'd like to comment
on, but since I don't really know who's actually
reading this I'd rather not.  I guess I could sum up
general impressions from many sources: "It's
getting hot!""

Now on a lyst where we have debated the issue of
"anonymous" posting, it is interesting that you would
not feel comfortable posting because you do not know
who is reading. This has deep implications and is
something I would like to reflect on when I have more

Just quick comments that I will come back to.

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