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7453: Justice

1.  I hear that people pray to St Joseph when they're in a situation over 
their head. 
2.  Its difficult to preach justice and the law when you don't practice 
justice and the law. 
3. For those of you who weren't in the country during the three year coup 
period; rocks and tires are not effective political tools. Thats one
reason  we needed twenty thousand troops, otherwise the tires and rocks
would have gotten rid of Cedras. 
4. If the government arrests Gourgue, will another parallel president be 
named or will Gourgue work from prison? 
5. I've heard of and seen instances of government vehicles being used to
help mobilize demonstrators and transport materials for them. It doesn't
look like a spontaneous popular uprising from that vantage point. 
6. Port-au-Prince had some much needed rain last night and this morning. 
7. Governments should create stability, not instability. 
8. Cause and effect. What are we paying for now? Lack of political
inclusion;  the May 29 1999 Champ Mars urine fest;  May 2000 parliamentary
elections; etc. etc. 

Richard Morse