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7452: RE: 7450: Usefulness of Spring Break Missions (fwd)

From: Rosann Clements <rosann@onemain.com>

I wasn't going to comment on this... as going to Haiti to help can be seen
is several different lights...depending on your reasons for going or for not
wanting people to go.
I have a 20-year-old son there in Haiti as a missionary...and he's been
there about 19 months. Before Christmas he was very ill in the
hospital...and I am forever grateful to so many on this list... for their
visits, treats and letters of encouragement for his well being. He's doing
great and will be returning home in August.
He told me of an orphanage there where the kids could really use some help.
So I am just one person...but that being said...I can have a huge impact on
a few sweet children's comfort. I have started a service project here...and
have some ladies helping me sew dresses for the girls and I'm going to many
businesses asking for simple t-shirt and shorts for the boys...and perhaps
some thongs or tennis shoes...baby dolls, trucks.
Now some may think I'm trying to interfere with Haiti's own problems...or
perhaps trying to make myself feel superior by helping...to be honest...It's
a plain and simple offer of sincere help and not trying to get anything out
of it. I have spent many hours already and plan on spending many more...for
children I have never met. But I am happy do it!!  I do get a great feeling
helping others...whether it's my neighbor who's car is broke down and needs
a ride... to those whose needs are far away.
Let those who feel charity in their hearts do what they can to reach out to
their fellow Men woman and children...and someday we can all help lift each
other when in need.
I can see the other side of the argument...as much corruption exists in the
world...but there is so much more good in people... I try to look for that.
Rosann :)