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7457: Haitian Play being mounted in CA (fwd)

From: Francois Antoine Medard <amah@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu>

I was just made aware of this casting notice that some of you may find
interesting.  If any of you live in or around LA maybe you could check
this out when it opens. If you do, tell me what you think of it.

The Robey Theatre Company and Greenway Arts Alliance is accepting
submissions for Toussaint, a Levy Lee Simon play about the Haitian
Revolution. Dir. Ben Guillory. Rehearsals start Apr. 14. Performances run
June 1-July 10 at the Greenway Court Theatre. 
Breakdown-Toussaint L'Overture: 40-50, dark, softspoken, fiery, posseses
all qualities of leadership, greatness; Henri Christophe: 26-38, dark,
calculating, passionate; Jean Jacques Dessaline: dark, powerfully built
warrior, deadly, stubborn, explosive; Praise singer purple/Suzanne
L'Overture/Sanite: 40; Praise singer red, Marie Codivic, Praise singer
gold/Letitia Cordeva: 25; Praise singer green, Defilee dancer: 30, great
storytellers, must move very well; Dr. Stewert Duncon: Scottish, 30,
physician, confidant of Toussaint; Robespierre: French, late 20s,
passionate, fiery; Maribeau: French, 20s, boisterous; Sonthonax: French,
30s; Marquis: French, 30s, flamboyant; General Le Clerc: Caucasian,
nervous, unsure; Pauline: Napoleon's sister, wife to Le
Clerc; Delatre: French, colonist, pro-slavery; General
Rocheambeau: French, 40s, vivacious; Barnave: French, 50s,
pro-slavery; General Leaaux: Caucasian, 50s; Napoleon: 1st Counsul of
France; Josephine: Napoleon's wife, fearless; Vincent Oge: mulatto,
30s; General Boyer: mulatto, 30s, lover of Pauline; Jean
Jeannot: African-American, 20s, revolutionary; Bassiou: African-American,
30s, revolutionary; Francois: African-American, 20s, deadly; Moyse: 20s,
Toussaint's nephew; Boulkman: leader, voudun Papaloi; Placid: Toussaint's
son; Issac: Toussaint's son; Eugene: Christophe's son. Note: There will be
double and triple casting. 
Send pix & resume by Mar. 28 to The Robey Theatre Company, 4444 Riverside
Dr., Ste. 110, Burbank, CA 91505. AEA 99-SEAT THTR.