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7466: Justice: Morse replies to Pierre-Pierre and Wilentz

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

To Garry Pierre Pierre,
I am still unabashed pro democracy, I believe thats what created the split 
between the direction I'm taking and the one Aristide has decided to take. 
I'ld love to welcome him back into the fold. Is it too late?

To Amy Wilentz,
The opposition's stance, as ludicrous as it might seem, comes from the 
opposition being locked out of the political process, especially during
the parliamentary elections of May 2001. Most of the negotiations to date
have involved the party in power throwing a few crumbs to the opposition
as a consolation prize. The opposition is trying to prove that they
deserve actual representation in the political process not just token
representation. The opposition's biggest move to date has been to include
the Haitian army in their political coalition. 

Does anyone know if the Haitian Army received their severence pay
(pre-avi, bonus, conge) when they were shut down? Are retired Army
personnel receiving pensions?