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7472: Justice: Cooke replies to Pierre-Pierre

From: "Cooke, Kathleen" <Kathleen.Cooke@KATZ-MEDIA.com>

Monsieur Pierre-Pierre,
Do you also remember with sadness the point at which Richard Morse turned
against Lavalas? Do you remember the point in time when the Aristide
government, newly returned to Haiti after the coup, asked that Richard and
his Hotel Olhofson start paying the taxes Haiti so very badly needed but
never received from so many business people in Haiti. Do you remember that
Manno Charlemagne was an often welcome guest at the Olhofson until as
of Port-au-Prince he started to do the HARD work of trying to put that
back together without giving special favors to his so called friends, such
as Richard. It is very easy to speak against the Papa Docs and Baby Docs
Macoutes and military coup people. It is very easy to romantically
your exciting times at the bar at the Hotel Olhofson. VERY EASY. The HARD
WORK now is the work that must be done to help enforce the will of the
PEOPLE of Haiti  who have spoken very loudly about who they believe can
a difference for them. They do not subscribe to this Corbett list, they do
not have e-mail and computers or websites. But they did vote and they did
speak and they are the majority.


Kathleen Cooke