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7544: Re: 7499: President Aristide interview on Jean Dominique (fwd)

From: Sandra Mignot <s-mignot@designer-gift.com>

These words, extracted from the interview of Jean-Bertrand Aristide by
Michelle Montas are frightening me :

> When the Head of State hears, when the Minister of Justice hears, when the
> Minister of Interior hears, when the other Ministers hear, when they do their
> duty -- if only by providing transparency, by stating clearly what point they
> are at in doing their duties - automatically, the Haitian people, who are a
> great people, who are intelligent, of unusual and exceptional intelligence,
will also participate.  Thus, we move from transparency to participation.
The people will participate by helping the authorities to do their duty.

And again :

> If all police officers, when doing their duty in the street know that the
> people they meet are with them in doing their duty - by not letting people
> steal the cars of others, by not letting people steal the belongings of
> others, by not being frightened and running when they see criminals coming -
> automatically the morale of the police officers doing the duty will increase,
> their dignity will be strengthened..

This sounds to me like JBA is asking for people to do part of the
gouvernment or, maybe better, the administration 's job. This is not far
from asking people to make justice themselvesŠ in a country where they are
not used to wait for the official justiceŠ What do you think ?
Sandra Mignot