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7546: Haitian women in New York: Position within social hierarchies (fwd)

From: Tara DePorte <taradeporte@hotmail.com>

Hello all,

I have written the list a few times concerning my own trip to haiti this 
past January, issues of water and the environment, and women's' empowerment 
in regards to social change in Haiti. THere are two reasons for this email 
today.  1) I am writing a research paper(separate from my environmentally 
minded thesis!) having to do with Haitian women and migration.  
Specifically, I would like to know about the situation of these women in 
NYC, the jobs they have, the ties they maintain with family in Haiti, and 
the type of support systems (or lack there of) available in the city.  2) I 
am very interested in finding out about organizations, NGO's, etc around the 
country, and particularly in NYC, which deal with Haitian (exclusively or 
not) issues surrounding environmental quality, gender issues, and support 
systems in the US who might be hiring in the next year or so.  I would 
really love to continue work in these areas, particularly in regards to 
"development" issues and would love to know some of the organizations out 
there.  I would also love the opportunity to return to Haiti.

If you are a Haitian woman in New York, or know someone who would be 
available to answer some questions about your situation in the US, or if you 
have any information about organizations to contact, please email me at 

Thank you so much for your time and for the dynamic conversations of this 

Tara DePorte

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