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7548: Re: 7498: Killing in Haiti (fwd)

From: StiddemDavid@aol.com

<< Does anyone in-country have reliable information on the killing in P au P 
 orphanage worker Maureen Nielsen.  She was, according to our local
 newspaper, shot outside a bank on March 22; many of us here in Rochester
 (NY) have connections to her and are obviously in shock and grief. >>

I spoke with Sister Ann Weller at Hospice St. Joseph on March 24rd.  She had 
been to the Canape Vert hospital the day before to help identify Maureen 
Nielsen's body.  Maurine had been shot dead on March 23rd after leaving the 
Sogebank Bank on Route Delmas after cashing a check.  The killing apparently 
was for the money and had nothing to do with the political violence.  Sister 
Ann told me Maureen had recently returned to Haiti after a stay in the 
States, and was excited about working with the girls      orpahage at Notre 
Dame de Leou at Delmas 19.  As far as I know she is the first American killed 
in recent times in Haiti.

David Stiddem