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7540: Re: Re: 7501: The current situation; Simidor comments (fwd)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

> It is true that Lavalas has made some serious
> mistakes, but the Convergence's chosen path is even
> more inane at this point. Weren't it for a clarly
> biased press, they would be nowhere on the political
> map today.

***to me, the way Aristide and Lavalas "handles" this outbreak is
instructive as to where, in reality, Haiti actually stands in ferms of
popular government, civil society, etc........it is instructive, i think, to
watch it, and see its final outcome, since it is the first major challenge
that has occured to the elected government when the Army was not available
to play a role.......I dont count the installation of Preval, given the
presence of UN troops at that time....

mark gill