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7569: Re: 7547: About the Constitution and free speech (fwd)

From: ALxConde@aol.com

Hi Daniel, I enjoyed your reply. In any case, let us be clear that I was not 
referring to the Haitian constitution in my post. I was commenting on a 
parallel that a list member had drawn between the plight of Al Gore during 
the disputed US presidential elections and the situation in Haiti.  I wanted 
to remind the author, it was J. Macalla I believe, of some stipulations in 
that document that weakened the appropriateness of his choice of metaphor.  
Besides, to his credit, Al gore was never financed by foreign powers through 
either IRI or any other organization of that kind. It's is a rather important 
    I have not questioned the courage of the concerned either. On the other 
hand, It is rather odd that those who had refrained from participating in the 
election because of lack of safety, a rather thin veil that hardly hide their 
lack of popularity, find it possible or desirable to establish a parallel 
government. We now hear that it was a " government symbolic". This new detail 
is only a couple of days old. 
    Granted that their lack of popularity hardly justifies that move as a 
viable political move, it is up to the individual to try to discern their 
motive. Was it an act of courage for the sake of courage?  If it was, it 
provides fresh material for the next generation of dramaturgists in the 
tradition of Corneille. Was it an act of provocation? If so, we will not have 
to wait for another generation before we all reap its fruit. Many, including 
Mr. Gourgue, are already speaking about the necessity to reintroduce the army 
whose tradition of repression against the masses cannot be argued. Help me 
find the symbolism there.
Alix Conde