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7576: I must have missed something (fwd)

From: Gray <gray@powerwiz.demon.co.uk>

I admit I must have missed the whole thread... but i got a fair taste of
it.There has been some chat on Charity  and the motives of those offering
well here are just an ordinary Mothers thoughts
It reminds me of this saying

It matters somewhat  HOW you are busy
but more importantly  WHY you are busy
Remember always
the Bee is Praised,
the Mosquito SWATTED

No one would want vital hands to be denied the opportunity to care for those
who cannot care for themselves,i.e. children, the old and the infirm no
matter where on this earth they are.
  and I speak as an auxiliary nursing attendant for the frail  & elderly in
their own homes My work with them in the community enables them to stay in
their familiar environment
However I was always taught that People have right to refuse charity - (with
or without grace) and  charity should always be given without beggaring the
I am commissioned to attend these people but I cannot force the fact that
they accept all the care they should have to keep them clean or fed
properly.  Even when good has to be accomplished there is a need for
lest arrogance defeats the teaching and relief that charity inspires

Years ago I lived in Bangladesh,.
There was a man called No Face, a leper and beggar on the railways.
Some good folk arranged for him without him knowing to have a place in the
west - food, clothing education and massive reconstruction. The whole
package would have cost hundreds of thousands but he refused... aghast the
folk wanted to know why

Why, because I have four wives, a house - food in my belly my children go to
school. I have been on Hadji  to Mecca four times, Allah has blest me in my
disability, Allah has willed it.
Why should I take away the only way I can earn money to support my family.

He chose as an adult with faith, he chose and made a judgement with his
understanding. I will admit as a 17 year old this story made a profound
impression on my life.
Something like  if it works who am I to fix it?
The term charity can mean much to many or nothing to some, if he accepted
then he believed he would lose it all, he wanted to stick to his perimeters
of understanding...

When it comes to children thats a whole kettle of fish.
When they  are starving or sick with HIV or suffering  from illness or
mutilated because of aggressors or war. Forced into indignities of
prostitution and slave labour.              Voices have  to be raised, and
workers needed  to help and heal
Is it right out of political correctness for anyone to deny the chance of a
loving cuddle, a decent meal  or the chance to know what safety in a bed

Then when properly done - many hands make light work, its a old saying but
truth there is in it.
You may not be able to save the life but its progression to whatever its end
can be eased with the compassion of one of those Easter Break students.

Its a fine line isn,t it   when do you step in and when to hold back

Sometimes to have to accept in good grace the love and gift  of charity.
Its hard  -- for some its the acceptance of failure even if in truth its
only the beginning of recovery and success.   And its a skill harder
earnt  - the ability to offer it without taking away rights and dignity
 Evenso --- On occasion it is necessary to insist  or demand  a thing being
done to protect the innocent.  i.e.  I  DO  insist my children not to talk
to strangers or go near cars if someone calls them over to it.
If  Orphans, the sick, the disenfranchised, the dispossessed had no charity
Tell Me.
 Over the centuries, could it possibly  be true that the  effectivity   to
change situations FOR the Good   Only  comes  from those who have suffered
it.  Or do we all as human beings share the common desire give of ourselves
even to the point in some cases of giving of their own lives. To change
circumstance that enslaves our fellow being
I wonder if all compassion and helpful charity was withdrawn to within our
own personal boundaries, and not to extend  any further than our Own  selves
WHERE would  ALL the generations of campaigners, legislatures, rights
activists, and servants of a cause     come from.  -   the articulate, the
vastly  educated, the well heeled, the powerful the rich -  hmmmmmm  I dont
think so

UK Lin

Usefulness of spring break trips to Haiti : "Hoover, Julie H." > Of course
we all want to promote the self sufficiency of the Haitian people, rather
than dependency on food programs, etc.  However, to condemn college>
students who are motivated to help children in orphanages and hospitals is
going way too far in pushing this agenda, I think.  There are no foreseeable
short-term solutions so why not welcome and appreciate those who simply want
to alleviate the suffering of children?  Also, any hook to get well-meaning
people interested in Haiti is useful-- they may in time develop a more
serious interest and become involved in more progressive actions.  Do we
really want to take responsibility for denying poor children in orphanages
and hospitals of  toys, clothing, and some sorely-needed attention because
it's not  entirely  "politically correct" in our view of the situation?