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7592: Politics and music

>From Richard Morse

Some bands such as Koudjay and Tokay are bands that make propaganda music
whatever government happens to be in power. During the coup years Koudjay 
used to  perform for FRAPH and their manager was none other than Toto 
Constant. Tokay was formed when members of  Koudjay split to form their
band. Considering the recent social political relationship between the
States and Haiti, Tokay's carnaval lyrics are nothing but nationalistic 
An interesting band to have come up recently is Chandel. Their songs are 
catchy and their message is current. In 1999 they sang (rough translation) 
One step forward, two steps back, in 2000 they sang "Nou Mele" which was a 
huge hit and an embarrassment to the government, and this year they sang 
"Peyi'a en U.S., which is a song about earning gourdes and being forced to 
buy in dollars. Even though the people enjoy Chandel's songs, the Lavalas 
government doesn't support this band so don't expect them in Carnaval
Richard Morse