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7601: Re: RE: 7552: Death of U.S. Citizen in PauP, March 23 (fwd)

From: jacqualine labrom <ljacqui@haitiworld.com>

I heard that the white guy in lower Delmas who was killed had been found
raping a young girl and a policeman eventually shot him, but you know what
Teldjol is like? Who knows for sure.

The fact with the bank shooting of the American girl is that this has
happened many times to Haitians but never to a foreigner. So I don't think
it is targeted at a foreigner per se, but just someone whom they thought
might have money, coming out from the bank. Sogebank actually sent a letter
about a year ago, telling people that if they regularly withdrew money, to
vary their times and to be alert for people outside who might be robbers,
and not to have their yellow withdrawal slips in their hand etc. But many
people have said that in fact the employees of the bank have been implicated
by phoning their mates and telling them who is withdrawing large amounts of
money. A friend of mine recounted a story just Saturday (after we had been
talking about the American girl's death) that a priest at Sacre Coeur - his
friend, had been robbed outside the bank, and the people had said - 'give me
the 10,000 gourdes - the exact amount and he had seen the employee inside
the bank go away from the desk and talk on the telephone. So he gave them
the money and then went in to the bank and complained to the Directors and
they refunded his money!!!

They must recognise that its a problem otherwise they would never have
refunded the money!!

Jacqui Labrom

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