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7616: Re: 7610: Re: President Aristide interview on Jean Dominique [#7583/#7544/#7499) (fwd)

From: ALxConde@aol.com

<< "Participation" to the American people and "participation" to the Haitian 
often have different connotations, particularly in politics.  All you need to 
do is
to look at history to see what "participation" means to the Haitian people.  
means have been used to accomplish their political goals?  In fact, just take 
a look
at what is going on there today ... what do you see in the posts?  I am not 
about voting, simply stating their opinion.  I am talking about how they are 
participating in bombings,  assassinations and outright anarchy.  Whether or 
not the
Anglosaxon may realize it, this _is_ their way of participating in 
government.  It is
what they see as democracy and freedom of speech >>

I disagree. Those who speak  in the name of Anglo Saxons as you are, are 
trying  to revise history and hide that millions of Native Americans, 
Africans, Vietnamese, Central Americans and on and on goes the list, were the 
victims of genocide, often perpetrated by Anglo Saxons and their institutions 
such as the US Government. Does that justify a negative stereotype against 
Anglo Saxons?. Definitely not. Only ignorance could  justify such a 
conclusion. Think about it, then think about what you wrote. 
Alix Conde