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7622: RE: 7605: I think the Carnaval2001 video title is misleading (fwd)

From: Pascal Antoine <PascalA@freshcom.com>

>In my opinion, the naming of the video is very
>misleading. By the name I was expecting parades, shots
>of bands on trucks or traveling down the street.

There are several companies that sell Kanaval videos. The one produced by
Classic Video Productions and PVS Communications (which seems to be the one
you got) comes in two flavors; one with the actual Kanaval procession
(defile) and one with music videos of Kanaval bands (klips). You obviously
got the one with the music videos. Since there is always a scramble to get
the videos to market right after Kanaval, there isn't always time (or money)
to print out different video covers, and both versions are in the exact same
boxes! I went to a store in Brooklyn, bought both, and had to label them
myself after I got home.

For anyone purchasing Kanaval videos from PVS Communications or Classic
Video productions, make sure you are specific in asking for either the music
videos or the Kanaval procession.

Hope this helps.

Pascal Antoine