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7633: Lavalas symbolism backfires (fwd)

From: Karioka9@cs.com

Titid sits in his padded armchair (foty boure) thinking of new ways to 
enhance his image.  But things don't always turn the way they're supposed to. 
 A select group of destitutes were scheduled for a televized meal at the 
National Palace earlier today, when some ungrateful characters got up to 
complain that their allocations weren't enough to meet the high cost of 
living.  Allocations?  What allocations?  Next, said an impatient Titid!  

But the real trouble was outside.  Other destitutes not invited for the feast 
staged a loud demonstration at the palace gate.  "Those people" (moun sa yo), 
they complained, in reference to the Lavalas government, "want to keep 
everything for themselves.  They forget how much we sacrificed to put them 
there."  The CIMO special patrol intervened forcefully, smashing heads and 
shooting into the crowd.  

Titid, the priest, had more success washing the feet of the poor around this 
time of year at his St. Jean Bosco church in the La Saline slum.  Are the 
poor growing more impatient or disillusioned?  Stay tuned.

Daniel Simidor