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7635: If I were Haiti's President (fwd)

From: Yvonne Trimble <ytrimble@yahoo.com>


I would invite foreign governments to use their
alloted aid to Haiti to provide sewer and water
through out the country.

I would invite foreign governments to use their
allotted aid to Haiti to build large, capacity
3,000 - 5,000, schools on government properties
through out the county and bring in their own
administrative and teaching staffs. Belgium,
France and Quebec have a surplus of teachers that
would be great to educate the uneducated masses.

I would invite major manufacturers, especially
those that use to do business in Haiti, like
Wilson, to return tax free as long as they
employee a minimum of 1,000 Haitians.

I would not steal the money that pays for EDH
fuel, nor steal the money to repair and upgrade
EDH.  Same goes for telephone, in short I would
provide infrastructure for those

I would disenfranchise the Lavalas street
militas, get rid of most of the police, and start
a serious security force that doesn't sponsor the
car jacking trade for drugs between Haiti and the

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