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7658: Re: 7647 Quick terminology (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Sean Harvey asked:
<In Haiti, what is the name for a person who is employed dragging large
wheelbarrows loaded with cargo from one place to another?>

Answer: they are called 'bouretyes'.

For some details of the life of the bouretyes see the extract on pages 128-9 
of 'A Haiti Anthology: Libète' edited by Charles Arthur and Michael Dash, 
published in the US by Markus Wiener one year ago, but still available from 
Barnes&Noble for example.

The extract originally appeared in the Haitian Information Bureau's "Haiti 
Info" in 1994.

Some comments on 'A Haiti Anthology: Libète' :
"This is an extraordinary book, and one that fills a great gap in what's 
available...don't wait on this one. It's a must for any household with an 
interest in Haiti." - Bob Corbett, Webster University, and moderator of the 
Haiti email list.

"'Libète' is a really excellent read...It is a wonderful, necessary and 
invaluable addition to the students' reading lists here at the Geography 
Department." - David Howard, Oxford University, author of "The Dominican 
Republic: In Focus".

"A remarkable collection. The selection is careful, judicious and 
enlightening; whoever reads this volume will end up with a sound and rich 
general knowledge of the country and its people." - Sidney Mintz, Professor 
of Anthropology, John Hopkins University.

"The editors have produced a masterpiece...a book that should be in the 
library of every Haiti enthusiast. Warmly recommended." - Bert Van Mulders, 
Ayiti Nouvel (quarterly periodical of the Flemish Haiti Work Group).

"An incisive anthology which offers a challenging but well-paved 
introduction to the country...Edited skillfully and conscientiously, 
"Libète" is a resource which merits being consulted regularly." - Haiti 
Progrès newspaper.

"This magnificent anthology." - Father John Medcalf, The Tablet (British 
Catholic weekly).

"An essential companion for any visitor to Haiti...This immensely readable 
collection of short extracts, many by Haitian authors, is breathtaking in 
its scope and detail." - Lonely Planet Guide to the Dominican Republic and 

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