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7672: Bush praises OAS and mentions Haiti (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

OAS NEWS (E-086/01)
April 17, 2001


United States President George W. Bush, addressing a special meeting of the 
Organization of American States (OAS) Permanent Council today, declared that 
the Organization had an important role to play in the hemispheric commitment 
to democracy and the collective responsibility "to break down the barriers of 
poverty, disease and ignorance, so individuals may better realize their full, 
God-given potential."

Commending the Organization's work as the premier political grouping of 
Western Hemisphere nations, President Bush noted how "in lands where liberty 
is threatened by corruption, drugs and human rights abuses, the OAS is 
helping [to] combat these destructive forces. 

"Along borders where tensions run high, the OAS helps build confidence and 
avoids crises. And, in lands where freedom's hold is fragile, the OAS is 
there to strengthen it," Mr. Bush said, citing the work in Peru as "an 
example of this Organization's commitment to democracy." He praised the OAS 
Secretary General for contributing to Peru's "peaceful and well-run" 
elections of last April 8. 

"We need to build on successes like these," he asserted, adding that the U.S. 
hopes the OAS can serve as well as "a valuable mediator in Haiti, between 
President Aristide and the democratic opposition."