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7679: Teleco's Deregulation (fwd)

From: "J. David Lyall" <postmaster@lyalls.net>

I don't know about the phone cabins, which was referred to in the post
by Felix. I have heard that people recieving calls from cell phones have
to pay one gourde per minute. This is a charge from teleco to make up
for the loss of the originating call as I understand it.

Cyber Cafe phone calls seem to have been legalized somehow. The Cyber 
have separate terminals with microphone/headphones attached and they
charge by 5 minute increments, about 25 gourdes per 5 minutes.

I was told that about a month ago Teleco cut the charge for 
phone calls drastically, to compete with Cyber Cafes. They say that a 
to the US is about 20 gourdes per minute. Calling the DR is far more 

I did engage in one speculative talk with a Haitian biznizman about the
direct to satellite internet/TV service which can be obtained in the US
now, and soon ( perhaps now ) in Puerto Rico. He suggested that recent
changes to the legal status of the Teleco monopoly ( details unknown to 
me )
should make using satellite consumer internet connections legal.
This would be nice for setting up cyber cafes in Plezans, for instance.

Actually, Teleco should be making direct cable internet connections 
anywhere in the country where they have a call center. A new profit 
is awaiting them!

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