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7683: University of OK News (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

Hi Folks:
It has been a minute since I have written to the group about what's
going on at the University of Oklahoma regarding our Haitian studies
projects. As was announced a couple of months ago I am taking another
group of students to Haiti this summer. So far I have four students
enrolled from various majors and we will be spending time in Lakou
DeReal (near Limonad) and making several day trips in the area. In
addition I am working through the African/African AmericanStudies
Program to adopt DeReal as a our sister community. The plan is that
cross university disciplines would be able to send students to DeReal to
assist in development projects identified by the community. Somewhere
down the road I plan to establish a field school there. I have also
completed two more classes on the historical underdevelopment of Haiti
and of course the class on Vodou with about 36 students in each class.
One more round of both will be offered here during the Spring
Intersession. I am busy trying to get the Haitian Studies web site
updated and as soon as it's finished I will let the list know so you can
visit us.

A lot of list members have contacted me over recent months with
inquiries about the DeReal project ,with helpful suggetions and useful
information. All of these inputs are invaluable and I look forward to
hearing from folks. I have been busy getting through general exams and
prospectus writing. So if I have neglected to reply to your individual
emails please overlook this and send me a reminder.

Again, thanks for sharing your wisdom and words of encouragement.
Patti K.Harris
University of Oklahoma